Tumbleweed Park

Directions to Tumbleweed Park

2250 South McQueen Road

Chandler, Arizona


Tumbleweed Park is an expansive facility featuring a first-rate Recreation Center, tennis courts, play areas, ramadas, and an arena in which the world-famous Ostrich Festival plays out every March. The Festival’s central attraction is …. ostrich racing! Riders, typically teens still under the illusion they’re immortal, are recruited for the events and, in our experience, remain on the bird for a short time only. How many, if any, come back for a second try is a statistic we’ve not been able to find. 


“The Ostrich Festival”, it’s website explains, “is part of Chandler's recent history, but is based on Chandler's colorful early history of ostrich ranching, which included raising these unusual creatures for their stylish and expensive plumes.” Who knew.


Tumbleweed is easy to find. To get there from Sun Lakes drive east on Riggs Road to McQueen, turn left at the lights, and continue north about four miles to the Park’s McQueen Road entrance, which is controlled by stop lights. Turn left, drive to the access road’s end (where you should see a large parking area just ahead and to the left), go left, and find your way into the lot. That’s where we’ll be.


There’s a fine set of indoor plumbing at the start.


For those navigating to the start with MapQuest or a GPS system:

2250 South McQueen Road

 Chandler, AZ


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Good Luck !!!