A word about directions ...

There are almost always a number of workable ways to get to the start, some faster than others, some simpler than others, and some more prone to traffic delays. We (usually) provide directions from a major highway, like Route 128/95 or Route 2; because Get Up'N Go people are widely dispersed, this approach is the most general. It works for most participants. You, however, may know a sneaky route that, by eschewing these arteries, avoids the ever present threat of spending a few hours going nowhere. That's fine. We occasionally use this subterfuge too, but only after checking traffic reports to determine whether it's justified.


We use these timing rules for travel from our home in Burlington: When going south on 128/95, east on Route 2, or east on Route 93 before 09:30 in the morning, plan on an extra 15 minutes. Or more. Everything reverses in the evening.


All our directions include a caveat (and wish you luck); the caveat is ... maybe you're better off looking at a suburban atlas or asking an on-line service like mapquest.com to suggest the fastest route from your starting point to the ride or walk.


Last but not least, how to use this page. The site is designed to provide directions directly through links on the This Week and Next Week status pages, so it's not really necessary to visit this page at all. But, for those who do, directions are available here by clicking the button (just to the left of this paragraph) for the appropriate starting town, each of which serves as a gateway to starting locations in that town. Simple. All you need to know is the town in which your event starts. Therein lies the rub, but that's provided on the status pages, if you need it.


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