Cottonwood Country Club

Directions to the Cottonwood Country Club

25608 S. Brentwood Drive

Sun Lakes, Arizona

The Clubhouse is located at the intersection of E. J. Robson Boulevard and Brentwood Drive; please don’t confuse this with the “Sun Lakes Country Club”, which is to be found in “Phase 1”. We’ve listed a Brentwood Drive street number because that’s what our mapping software provides and it’ll get you where you want to go, but the Clubhouse fronts both this and Robson and is readily accessible from either. Take your pick.

Yes, we know we’ve said we’ll start from the flagpole, but in reality rides will stage from the parking lot adjacent to Robson in hopes of avoiding golf cart and vehicular traffic circulating around the ‘pole. Look for people with bikes and aim for them.

Our “Plan” is to, before setting forth on a ride, make introductions, perform some simple equipment checks, describe the procedures we use for signaling to each other and to drivers, and to establish some ground rules for safely sharing the road with each other and with traffic. A fringe benefit of this is that it establishes a brief “grace period” for latecomers to connect with us.

For those navigating to the start with MapQuest or a GPS system:

25608 S. Brentwood Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

To contact us call 978-808-0900


Good Luck !!!


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