Directions to Chuparosa Park

Dobson Road at West Earl Boulevard

Chandler, Arizona

The Park’s entrance is located on Dobson Road, precisely opposite Dobson’s intersection with Earl Boulevard; 0.6 miles north of Queen Creek Road. If distance is measured from Sun Lakes’ north Dobson gate you’re looking at 3.4 miles, and if from the Cottonwood flag pole, about five miles. The round trip therefore converts a 20 to 25 mile ride into one of 30 or 35 miles if ridden from the pole. Just saying. So take your pick, start a little early and ride to the Park, or meet us there.

Don’t forget that the North gate requires an electronic unlocking device to lift the barrier; cyclists can, as we’ve seen, can readily dodge around the end of it, but motorists unendowed with the necessary gadget will have to find a route other than proceeding straight up Dobson from IronOaks. No problem. Simply drive Alma School to Ocotillo or Queen Creek and go west a mile or so to cross to Dobson.

For those navigating to the start with MapQuest or a GPS system, ask for 2547 S. Los Altos Drive. This location, by virtue of being in a closed community, is inaccessible to us but it’s close enough for government work. It’ll get you to within a stone’s throw of the Park.

To contact us call 978-808-0900


Good Luck !!!