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"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the  human race."

H. G. Wells


Bear Creek Golf Course

Directions to the Bear Creek Golf Course

500 East Riggs Road

Chandler, Arizona


Bear Creek is located about 2.6 miles from Cottonwood’s Clubhouse, just east of the Southern Pacific railroad crossing and just a little west of the Paseo Canal trail. Why, you might ask, if it’s so close, not just start from Cottonwood? Consider that the round trip distance via Riggs, the most direct route, is roughly six miles of road hosting (yes, bike lanes, but also) high speed traffic and offering no compensating features of interest. We can more profitably use those miles to explore things along and adjacent to the Canal.


Parking at the Course is generous but, to avoid conflict with golf operations, please try to find a spot as far removed from the pro shop and clubhouse as possible. Or, if you’d prefer to avoid the inconvenience of loading bikes into or onto your vehicle, meet us at the Cottonwood flagpole at 12:30 and we’ll cycle up Hunt Highway and cross over to the Golf Course. This is likely to mean making a 15 mile ride into 20-plus miles and a 25 mile one into 30-plus


For those navigating to the start with MapQuest or a GPS system:

500 Riggs Road. Chandler, AZ

To contact us call 978-808-0900


Good Luck !!!


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