"Riding gets me fit. But thats just luck. I don't ride to get fit."

R. Todd Barker


About Us



Lee Evans

Former Recreation Director for the Towns of Lincoln and Winchester, MA, Lee became a serious cyclist in the early nineties, so serious she ultimately went on to win twenty National and a pair of World Championships. Lee's handy with road and mountain bikes and knows the ropes when it comes to using both, but she's a "roadie" at heart. With Bob in tow, she's gotten a taste of long distance touring as a staff member for Oregon-to-New Hampshire and New Hampshire-to-Florida rides and as a leader of week-long Maine foliage cycling trips.


Bob Evans

Bob gave up gas powered travel when fuel prices went crazy in the mid-seventies, opting instead to run or ride to work most years thereafter. This progressed into racing, a preoccupation that brought him a certain amount of notoriety and a closet full of cups and medals over the two decades his enthusiasm lasted. Then he discovered mountain bikes and the woods.  Since then, he's mapped roads and trails wherever his wheels touch the ground, and enjoys nothing more than showing them off for the enjoyment of others.

 Both Evans are certified by the League of American Bicyclists to teach "smart cycling" techniques, have been licensed by the United States Cycling Federation to judge and referee Federation-sanctioned races, are First Aid and CPR trained, both belong to the Charles River Wheelmen, the Northeast Bicycle Club (where Bob was a long-time Board member), and the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club (with which they spend the winter). They would prefer to live outdoors if that were practical. Offering these programs is the next best thing.

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