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"Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the  human race."

H. G. Wells


Get Up'N Go


Welcome to “Get Up’N Go Adventures”, a series of weekday bike rides designed for cyclists seeking relatively short and relaxed romps in and around Sun Lakes. Our routes are designed for low density, preferably no density, vehicular competition;  they’re group rides where everyone stays together, no navigational skills are necessary, no one is ever left behind to fend for themselves, and a two hour time table is conscientiously observed. Because the rides take advantage of canal-side trails, bike paths, and easy off-road short cuts to avoid traffic (and sometimes just for the fun of it!), hybrid or mountain bikes are the recommended equipment. We almost always start from the Cottonwood Country Club flag pole and finish at one of Sun Lakes clubhouses just in time for Happy hour.

Here are this season’s particulars (as they appeared in December’s Splash):


See The Sun Lakes Area by Bike

We’re back at it this fall and winter so, please join us for a series of relaxed, twice weekly bicycle rides exploring Sun Lake’s network of roads, and perhaps some neighboring ones too, if that’s what it takes to find a mid- or post-ride coffee shop. These hour and a half to two hour tours will usually launch from the flag pole at the Cottonwood Clubhouse (click link for directions) every Tuesday and Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm, returning by 3 pm unless we’re having too much fun to stop. Occasionally, for variety’s sake, we’ll start elsewhere; this is a good reason for you to check the site’s This Week page before hopping on the bike. We also use this page to post cancellations for rain, cold, and snow (happens regularly in the East, rarely here), another good reason to make a habit of checking the site.

The program is conducted under the auspices of the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club and is free of charge but, to control group size and make certain no one’s left behind, registration is necessary by 5 pm of the day prior to the ride. Groups are limited to a maximum of twelve riders.

Tuesday is “Soft Spoke’N” day, designed to cover 10-15 essentially traffic-free miles and afford the leaders plenty of time to answer questions about bikes, offer cycling tips, and demonstrate safe riding skills.  The plan for Friday’s “Out Spoke’N” rides is more demanding; these will go about 15-25 miles and work on becoming comfortable “sharing the road” with motor vehicles. Friday rides may occasionally start from locations other than Cottonwood to explore places unreachable from the Clubhouse within a twenty five mile round trip. These “off campus” rides will, as measured from their starting locations, still be subject to a 15-25 mile limit.

Helmets are required for these rides, fancy bikes are not. Hybrid, comfort bikes, or mountain bikes are recommended, but road bikes are perfectly acceptable.

To register, send an email to lee.evans675@gmail.com or call 978-808-0900.

Leaders Bob and Lee Evans, Sun Lakes residents, have over seventy years cycling experience between them. For the past fifteen years they’ve conducted programs similar to the above in the Boston suburbs and four years ago transported these to Sun Lakes.  Both are Certified Cycling Instructors, retired racers, ex bicycle commuters, and former off-road crazies who now confine their riding to “civilized” surfaces.

Got questions? Visit our FAQ's page, contact us by email or phone (see above), click About Us to see what we look like and for a little more background information, and, finally, if you’re planning a summertime visit to Boston, check the website run for us there by the Charles River Wheelmen, New England’s largest cycling club (http://www.crw.org/gunga/).

Hope to see you soon!!


Lee and Bob

PS - What’s GUNGA? Get Up And Go Adventures, of course!

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